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Specializing in legal services, our firm expertly guides individuals through the comprehensive process of estate planning. From ensuring proper asset distribution after death to establishing guardianship for minor children and supporting family members with special needs, we strive to minimize taxes, court costs, and legal fees while streamlining the process.

We are adept in managing disputes regarding trusts and estates with the Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Act (TEDRA), offering a quick and efficient resolution avenue to avoid litigation. The broad scope of issues handled includes the validity of wills, claims of surviving dependents, and intestate succession among others.

Our firm also oversees probate procedures in Washington State, ensuring that the property of the deceased is appropriately administered and distributed as per the law. We help decedent’s Personal Representatives in managing property, paying necessary debts, and distributing assets to rightful beneficiaries.

We handle cases of guardianship, stepping in when unexpected life events necessitate legal intervention to manage another person’s affairs. Furthermore, we provide Medicaid planning to navigate the complexities of long-term care expenses and asset preservation strategies in compliance with Medicaid rules.

Our team of professionals also specializes in establishing trusts, providing legal protection for assets, ensuring the trustor’s wishes are respected, and facilitating time-saving, paperwork reduction, and possible inheritance or estate tax avoidance. Special needs trusts, aimed at providing for disabled or chronically ill beneficiaries, are an area of particular expertise, with a deep understanding of the associated laws and regulations.

With a focus on continuous updates to align with family, financial circumstances, and evolving laws, our legal services are not a one-time event but an ongoing, personalized process.


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